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March 15, 2008


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Jo Ann Cherry

Thank you! I have finally got a bishop dress pleated with out those humps at the seams. Took me a couple times but on last time there are no humps. Thanks again.

Jo Ann


I'm "new" to pleating but not smocking and I happened on your page. I am sort of hardheaded and started out with a bishop gown for our soon to be granddaughter. I have read and reread your instructions plus all the books I have on pleating but I'm still having problems with "getting it straight"....especially when I get to a seam, I think I'm straight and then when I'm finished and have the fabric off the needles, my seams have a twisted look to them. I'm pretty much a perfectionist when it comes to my hand work but I have about decided if I could "cover" it up, I'd just move on. It seems when I get to the seam, the curved part of the armhole is what throws everything off. I may have to many spaces for such a small item of clothing. I think I have 7 spaces (I'm at work and don't actually have it in front of me) Any suggestions?

Mary Lynne Jones

I've been smocking for awhile, but have always had issues getting the seams to line up exactly right. I'm pouring over your tutorials trying to get my bishops to look better. any change you could put these pictures back up??? please??!! thanks for all your tips!!!


Sure wish the pictures were still available here. Any chance you can add them again?


Thanks for this great pictorial explanation of your famous straight pleating method for bishops. I've had pretty good luck using your instructions from the Martha Pullen forum, but seeing the pics clarifies so many questions, especially getting those seams through the pleater. Think I'd better get started on a new bishop real soon!! :D

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