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June 23, 2008


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Dear Maggie- my mum is 84 and lives in Dydney Australia and loves to smock.
Do you by any chance know of anyone with a pleater that might be open to preparing some material in readiness for her to embroider the exquisite things she used to do? I really want to encourage her to keep up her creative passion
My email is Allisonartist@gmail com
Many thanks

barbara weaver

Help I just read the question about setting needles I too have this problem I am unable to set my needles without them fallinng out or breaking I have purchased new needles but am afraid to try because I dont want to break all of them

joan gilbert

I just bought an Amanda Jane smocker. I am having enormous difficulty putting new needles in. Is there an easy way of replacing needles that I don't know about? My needles keep falling out when I want to replace some. Even even they appear to be straight, when I put the bar down, some of the needles stand up and do not lie flat. If I break one needle, do most of the others usually fall out when I lift the bar?

Is there something I can read that will help me out?

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