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October 20, 2009


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Thank you so very much! This blog is so helpful to me! I've been just teaching myself smocking and love it, but have noone to ask questions. Thanks


Yes, when pleating a smocked sleeve, either at the elbow or wrist, pleat that section first.

I prefer to pleat the sleeve bottom, leave the gathering threads long enough to flatten the entire width, then apply the hem treatment such as lace edging.

I leave the sleeve gathering threads long until after I pleat the neckline. If you draw them up, it affects the bulk of the roll on the dowel therefore pulling the fabric cattywampus away from the neckline. How do you like that description? cattywampus?


Sarah Abbott

I'm getting ready to smock a long-sleeved Bishop. Just wondering whether I should pleat the bottom of the sleeve before sewing it to the front and back? I just got my pleater and haven't used it yet.

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