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March 16, 2010


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Could you tell me how to ser up my thread box?

maggie bunch

Linda there are spools of thread in the box. The threads are drawn up to the needles one by one for each pleating session. If you don't have a pleater box, you just cut long lengths of thread to pleat multiple pieces in one session.

Linda Simpson

My question is going to make it obvious that I know nothing about pleating. Where is the thread comming from and how do you thread the pleater? I have seen pictures of a pleater on a box but I don't understand how it works. I love to smock but I buy ready to smock panels or garments. I would really like to do my own pleating.


Great explanation. I do the same thing when I pleat Wee Care gowns. I can usually pleat about 10 or so on the same length of threads. I do have to make sure I leave enough room in between them though before I cut the threads.

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