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May 25, 2010


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Thank you for such a wonderful description of your system. I was so inspired by your first picture that I headed right to Walmart and tried to buy the the three drawer unit. Neither of the two WM's I tried had the item so I compromised and purchased UPC 22218001, it has two large drawers and one small. It worked very well and holds quite a bit, of course not nearly enough to contain all my treasurers. Last night it was back to the two Walmarts in search of the three deep drawer unit. The WM web site said both stores had it in stock; wrong, neither store had it. I could have come home and ordered it on the internet but my sewing room looks like an episode from "The Hoarders" right now because I pulled my fabric out of all my tote boxes and I'm having company over the weekend. I bought two of the individual large drawers, they stack on top of the unit I previously purchased. Hopefully this will contain the remainder of fabric currently littering the floor.

Once the sewing room is somewhat presentable, I will muster up the courage to tackle the rest of the stash and probably order more units on line.

My rationalization on the drawers is: They are perfect for now because they are both functional and inexpensive. If some day I exhaust my stash or win the lottery and build the sewing room of my dreams I can repurpose them in closets, attic space or the garage.


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